About Floyd

Flobox Fitness is the brainchild of Floyd Lecointe; competitive boxer, personal trainerand fitness instructor. Floyd is an all-round exercise fanatic who first became interested in boxing after a broken ankle stopped him from playing football when he was 13. When Floyd was in his 20s a fitness instructor challenged Floyd to keep up with an hour long kickboxing class, in exchange for an hour’s free personal training. Floyd relished this challenge and in doing so, discovered boxing to be a unique discipline which rewards endurance, resilience, and most importantly, determination over ability or initial fitness levels. After this experience Floyd began training before and after work and pushing himself harder and harder in order to improve his boxing skills until he was eventually put forward to compete in boxing matches. His first ever competitive fight was abysmal, but this experience spurred him on to train with an ever-greater determination to improve and succeed as a competitive boxer.

About Flobox

After years of fighting successfully in the competitive boxing arena, Floyd decided he wanted to pass the sense of purpose that boxing had given him onto other people who might not otherwise think themselves capable, or who might find the prospect of boxing daunting. Flobox spawned from Floyd’s firm belief that boxing is more than just a sport, and this is a belief which remains at the heart of Floyd’s work and which is reflected in Flobox’s motto “It’s a way of life.” After qualifying as an instructor, Floyd now dedicates his time to teaching classes and working with groups, schools, companies and individuals in order to pass on these skills.