Strategic Vision

All students at BBIH will experience a scaffolded careers programme enabling them to be fully equipped with the skills needed for further study and employment. Throughout the programme, students will complete a careers ‘passport’ which is focused on developing the following employability skills:

  1. Self-motivation – taking an active part in future decision making
  2. Self-assurance – having the tools and skills to present themselves appropriately
  3. Aspiration – having goals for the future
  4. Informed – understanding the opportunities available and making realistic choices
  5. Experience – exposure to experiences of work and different industries/infrastructure
  6. Achieving – taking part in opportunities and gaining recognised qualifications
  7. Accountability – understanding how to take responsibility
  8. Resilience – developing the ability to overcome any barriers
  9. Team work – effectively working alongside others
  10. Communication – developing effective communication skills

The following table shows all career based activities that are accessible across the different key stage groups, linked to the key skills listed above

Activities Details Impact Key skills developed



Career based displays are placed around school Subject specific career related displays in key areas Increased awareness of options available/profile of careers 1,3



Enrichment days to take place throughout the school year that can link to the employability skills Students aware of their skills developed through enrichment days and their strengths/areas for development in terms of the employability skills All

Careers skills passport


Students complete a skills passport during PSHE lessons across the year Students will be aware of their knowledge/skills/areas for development All

Visiting speakers


Throughout the year visiting speakers will take assemblies Students have an improved awareness of the variety of jobs and careers available, the skills and qualifications required and the realities of the associated job market. 2,4,5,6

Student voice


Student voice used to gather outreach and views/understanding of careers School aware of strengths and gaps – used to inform future planning 1,2,7,9,10

Career Fair

Careers fair held at school Increased student awareness of the variety of careers available within the local community 1,2,3,4,5,6

Career trips

Students to access trips for exposure to different vocational pathways Increased student awareness of the variety of careers available nationally and within key areas and how to access these pathways All
Careers Library


Creation of a careers and university section in the school library. Job information and university/college prospectuses to be displayed 1,3,4,7
Parental/Carer engagement Designated career lead contact information accessible via website to invite collaboration and feedback.

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Parents evening

Creates a support network for students and opens up continued conversations about their aspirations