Careers Support at BBIH

At BBIH we are committed to ensuring that our students are prepared to move on to the next phase, be it further training, education or employment. Our personalised careers support programme has been designed to provide an environment where students can develop skills that will help them in the world of work as well as practical support such as help organising work experience.

The Career programme enables students to be fully equipped with the skills needed for further study and employment. Throughout the programme, students will develop an array of different skills and attributes.

All students will have access to careers guidance and advice that is impartial, informed and relevant. They will be exposed to opportunities and experiences that will allow them to further develop the skills and competencies required for a successful future, in whatever pathway they choose as an individual.聽The Career programme is designed to enable all students to be educated and able to make choices with regards to further/higher education, training and employment.

The school is committed to providing:

路 A programme of activities, opportunities and experiences that all students can access

路 An environment that fosters ambition and ensures all students are aware of the value of their education and qualifications

路 A setting whereby students feel valued and able to recognise their areas of strength and talent across the curriculum

路 Impartial support and guidance that is unique to each individual

路 Advice that will help all students to plan and manage their career goals

路 Ongoing support to enable smooth transitions

The aims of the career programme is to equip all students with a transferable set of skills:

1. Self-motivation 鈥 taking an active part in future decision making

2. Self-assurance 鈥 having the tools and skills to present themselves appropriately

3. Aspiration 鈥 having goals for the future

4. Informed 鈥 understanding the opportunities available and making realistic choices

5. Experience 鈥 exposure to experiences of work and different industries

6. Achieving 鈥 taking part in opportunities and gaining recognised qualifications

7. Accountability 鈥 understanding how to take responsibility

8. Resilience 鈥 developing the ability to overcome any barriers

9. Team work 鈥 effectively working alongside others

10. Communication 鈥 developing effective communication skills

Senior Leader in resposible: Jo Lynch