Remote Education Provision at BBIH

The Beacon Business Innovation Hub (BBIH) is committed to providing access to high quality remote learning for students who are unable to attend school.

We want the experience of remote learning to demonstrate the same factors that make classroom teaching highly effective. For example:

  • Ensuring students receive clear explanations
  • Supporting growth in confidence with new material through practice
  • Application of new knowledge and skills
  • Enabling pupils to receive feedback on how to progress
  • Continuing to provide our pastoral support for all students

These characteristics are more important than the medium of delivery.

We use the interactive platform, Show My Homework, for remote education provision. Every student and teacher has access to this platform through their school email account. For Maths, we also use the platform MyMaths to provide bespoke assessment based support. Again every student has access to this platform.

Every subject already has work uploaded, either extension tasks or project based work, as part of our curriculum offer. The platforms and applications used will allow for work to be ‘handed in’ and it will be marked if the work would have been assessed had the student been in the classroom.

For students self-isolating we will ensure bespoke work for that individual will be accessible to students and be available from the first day of any absence.

Students will be asked to follow their normal timetable when learning at home. For example, if they have Science period 1 on a Monday they should complete the Science work time slot (this may be a lesson which will be numbered sequentially, project based work created for that student). This will ensure students follow the routine of a normal school day and we would ask that parents and carers support with this as much as possible.

Senior Leaders will check the quality of work set, class teachers will monitor completion, assess the work and feedback as appropriate and tutors will ensure that students are provided with the full range of remote learning. Students will also receive a phone call from their tutor to check on progress and wellbeing.